Due Diligence Entitlements Cost & Constraints Analysis Tentative Maps Specific Plans Land Use

SCE&S is experienced in providing solutions for projects of all sizes. We take pride in our ability to identify existing and potential challenges in each project and we appropriately communicate them to our clients prior to beginning significant design. Agency requirements and planning processes can sometimes create road blocks in site design. SCE&S is proficient in assessing potential barriers and providing solutions to safely and successfully bring your project to life. Our experience can allow your project to comply with zoning requirements even in the event that no planning action is needed.


Grading Sewer Water Storm Drain Street Retaining Walls UG Fire Hydraulics

SCE&S understands the business of site development. Our close-working relationships with top-level industry professionals allow us to build dedicated teams for every step of your project and ensure the desired results. Our in-house capabilities allow us to work as consultants and master planners in the early stages of development on through the critical development and permitting phases, and as your trusted representative during construction. We are well versed in the preparation of all manners of infrastructure and site improvement plans needed for development including storm drain, sewer, water, street and grading plans.


Hydrology Storm Water Quality SWPPP QSD Flood Plain Analysis Fluvial Geomorphology

The Federal, State and Regional water quality requirements are constantly changing and implemented based on interpretation by local jurisdiction. SCE&S is experienced in storm water quality design. We maintain knowledge of storm water and environmental regulations and requirements so that we may be a resource to our clients as they plan for the future. SCE&S is very familiar with the new MS4 requirements for Los Angeles & Ventura Counties and we are QSD certified for preparation of SWPPP documents.

River Engineering is necessary to provide protection against floods and other natural river disasters. If a project is adjacent to a river, evaluation at the conceptual and planning stage is required as a preventative measure. We help our clients to identify hazards, and provide solutions to protect the environment and enhance the project.


Cost Saving Less Expensive Alternatives Substitution of Materials Preserving Integrity

SCE&S is experienced at providing our clients with a value engineering approach to all our designs. Value engineering is a systematic and organized approach to provide the necessary functions in a project at the lowest cost possible. Value engineering promotes the substitution of materials and methods with less expensive alternatives, without sacrificing functionality. It is focused solely on the functions of various components and materials, rather than their physical attributes.


Topographic Survey Boundary Survey Subdivision Maps Legal Descriptions Lot Line Adjustments

Good solutions require good information, and the best information available is from a survey and topographic map. Our staff is experienced in boundary resolution and all forms of mapping for subdivision and development, as well as the expeditious submittal and approval of those maps through the local agencies to get your project both into construction and off bonds quicker.


Clearing and Grubbing Rough Grading Precise Grading Buildings Streets and Utilities

SCE&S also provides precise construction staking services utilizing the latest in modern technology. Our survey crews have a variety of equipment at their disposal including Total Stations, GPS (Global Positioning System), and Robotic Units that allow for a cost saving to the client by using one and two man crews in lieu of the historical three man crews necessary with older equipment. Our surveyors are able to work more effectively with the implementation of modern surveying equipment.